Ladies, of course in life we always want to share each other. However, if to share in terms of lending makeup products to others, you should avoid this habit. For example, when shopping with a friend. While in the toilet, a friend does not bring a brush blush on to touch up then he will borrow your brush.

This is possible, but it is very worrying about the development of disease and irritation of your skin. When we lend a makeup product the same as exchanging viruses and bacteria, it will increase the acne on your face.

As reported by the Women's Health Bacteria can cause serious infections and diseases. It can also aggravate the condition of acne prone skin, and skin with other problems. In order for your makeup products to be bacteria free, identify how they get in.

The best solution if you want to lend a powder or makeup product to your friends should provide sponge powder or makeup stock. If you want to lend a lipstick, you should use a finger to apply lipstick to the lips or provide a brush.

Well, how about you? Still want to exchange makeup with your friends?