Sakura Collagen is Anti AGE`s cream enriched with Sakura Extract, Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pro Vit B5 and Vitamin E for nourishes, moisturize skin and helps to disguise the signs of aging.

Sakura Collagen Cream is an Anti AGE`s product that works by protecting skin with nutrition and by moisturishing your skin so that it will helps to disguise the signs of aging. Sakura Collagen Cream has been clinically proven effective to disguise the signs of aging and soft on the skin to keep your skin charming.

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Company Profile

PT. Meiji Indonesia produces various kinds of medicines from doctor’s prescription, consumer health products, and animal medication which have been successful both in the domestic and international market. We keep innovating by combining years of experiences with modern technology support. Our products are produced using the best raw material, processed with international standard facility.

We are proud to have received various rewards and certifications, among which are A+ Classification for CPOB (Procedures to make Good Medicines) from the Indonesian and Japanese Governments. We have committed to produce high quality products and have been entrusted by domestic and overseas companies to conduct toll-in manufacturing and export.


Company History

As the pioneer of high quality antibiotics since its establishment in 1974, PT. Meiji Indonesia as a subsidiary of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. – centered in Japan, is one of a few companies in the pharmacy field with the highest production quality standard in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission

Development of contemporary work keeps demanding employees and all stakeholders to work with the best performance effectively and efficiently. Even the smallest mistake may cause enormous loss towards the company or its employees.


To be a high quality pharmacy company that is nationally and internationally trusted.


To produce and market high quality medicines to satisfy all customers worldwide as well as to contribute to the improvement of human health.

Sakura Collagen Cream can be used both as day and night skincare. For day use, apply liberally on clean face before sunscreen and make up. For night use, apply liberally on clean face.
Sakura Collagen Cream has been clinically proven through Spin Control Asia Test to inhibit aging with regular use
Sakura Collagen Cream is available in 10 gram and 30 gram sizes
Sakura Extract to inhibit aging process, Collagen to boost collagen production, Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize the skin, Pro Vitamin B5 to improve skin cell regeneration, and Vitamin E as antioxidant.
Sakura Collagen Cream has been registered in the Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Controlunder registration number NA 18162000012





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